Founder Cum Managing Director

Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Founder cum Managing Director of this Security Agency is a man of many hues. A youth’s generation entrepreneur , Mr. Sharma started his business venture with DR Group from very small scale, with ” Kumar Organic Products Ltd” as his first client.¬†Presently, he has separated DRG Security Services Pvt Ltd from DR Group with a view to form a dedicated team for Security Services.

Mr. Sharma has also been a champion of social initiatives. His focus has been on skill development and job creation for the youths. He has also led various social initiatives like giving donations to various charitable trusts, temple construction, public libraries, flood and disaster relief work at various places across the country.

On the personal front, Mr. Sharma is deeply spiritual man committed to his family and society. His only mission is to give better services to the clients and thereby generating more and more employment opportunities for the youngsters of our nation.

By including, ladies in the higher level management team , he has shown his interest in the field of “Women Empowerment”. He is also very much dedicated towards “Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan” and showed his keen interest in cleaning the area in and around¬†his locality.

His only motto is to serve by being honest and sincere.